Money Talks

It’s worth noting that, despite all the gnashing of liberal teeth about tax cuts, federal spending and the national debt crisis continue to be problems of epic proportion that will affect not only our own lives but the lives of our children and grandchildren… and at this rate… even our great-grandchildren. And while these same liberals are having seizures over their president actually asking Europe and China to pay their fair share on the global economic stage, Trump – crazy like a fox – is going after a Russian Financial agreement to further stabilize the US bottom line.

Say what you will about this guy… and a lot of it is accurate… but he’s genuinely trying to fix the decades-old problem of America saving everybody else’s ass while taking it up the ass here at home at the bank.

More of this please.

Source: 10 political cartoons on the national opioid crisis, Trump, Clinton and more | Des Op |


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