The Cost Of Liberal Progressivism

One need not be a believer in Feng Sui, or the concept of Chi, to appreciate the idea that in all things great and small there must be balance. If you can think no deeper then Star Wars, consider this my way of reminding you there must be – always – a balance in the Force. And inasmuch as I deeply loathe Liberal Progressive ideology, I can humbly accept that, on the other end of the scale, my beloved “Progressive Conservativism” must be held in check. And even though my ilk has been on the losing end of the national debate since halfway through the Bush 43 presidency, it is becoming increasingly clear that the cost of progressive liberalism is beginning to take its toll on even its own faithful followers.

Change, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. Change, to right some wrong or undo some injustice, is a righteous by-product of social and cultural progress. Change… for the sake of it… Is the folly of the naive.

Where much change has been necessary in recent years in order to right wrongs and social injustices, modern Progressive Liberalism has lost its way… and with it, they are losing their core faithful.

[Image via RenewAmerica. Video via Prager U. ]


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