Little Teenage Bitches And Bullies

In what fucking universe is it okay for grown assed men to act like little teenage bitches and bullies while the Media roots for injuries?

I understand that the rich and powerful… most of whom don’t do a fucking ounce of physical labor and probably never have… spend the bulk of their time being waited on intended to by those around them. What I can’t get my head around, for the life of me, is how everyone around them thinks it’s a great idea to let them solve their problems engaging in a pissing contest on social media.

At the risk of being boorish, I would like to point out that the useful idiots in the media could be put to better use doing things like reporting on shit that really matters.

Just sayin’

In an interview with ABC News scheduled to air Sunday night, Mr. Comey said that his decision to tell Congress 11 days before the 2016 presidential election that the FBI was again examining Hillary Clinton’s emails was influenced by his belief the Democratic nominee would defeat Mr. Trump.

Source:Subscription Required Trump, Comey Duel Over Book – WSJ

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