Free Speech Ends At The White Man’s Door

The WaPo has a story out about a new round of salt & pepper protests and some Podunk town in Tennessee. It reads like all the others in recent months, except that the author wants you to celebrate the fact that the anti-protesters outnumbered the neo-Nazis by nearly two-to-one. What he left out however, but is clearly implied, is that this should also be considered a celebration of our new cultural reality – Free Speech Ends At The White Man’s Door:

Rally organizers had anticipated about 175 people, while Tennessee’s racial justice and liberal groups were unsure of how many of their members would attend. Ultimately it appeared that about 300 people attended — about 100 “White Lives Matter” attendees and twice as many counterprotesters.

An elaborate set of police barricades kept the white supremacists and protesters on opposite sides of the street. Police formed a line between the groups, as other officers with large weapons perched on nearby rooftops.

“This right here is what it’s all about!” declared Scott Lacey, who has spoken at White Lives Matter rallies across the country.” “It’s all about the color of our skin!”

Now… These neo-Nazi marches are just plain silly to me… No one takes seriously the idea that we are at risk of becoming a nation of white supremacists… The last vestiges of that terrible part of American history began it’s death spiral with Martin Luther King and equal rights. No one, that is, except the people protesting against the incredibly small handfuls of people making spectacles of themselves as they march down southern streets behind their Confederate and Nazi flags.

From where I sit up here in the cheap seats, it looks to me like people are far more interested in shutting down speech they don’t like than they are in solving anyone’s problems. Meanwhile, both sides continued to lose sight of the reality that – at the end of the day – all lives matter and it’s time people started treating each other accordingly.

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Source: ‘White Lives Matter’ organizers cancel second rally after taunts from counterprotesters – The Washington Post


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