Steve Bannon: The 900-pound Gorilla In The Political Room

An article over at US News gaspingly suggest there are two GOPs among us, desperately fighting amongst themselves to lay claim to the control of the Republican Party. Meanwhile, over at the LA Times, there is a competing piece about Steve Bannon and his rise to power as the 900-pound gorilla in the political room.

As usual, our friends in the Progressive Liberal media are working feverishly to distract us from the very same Civil War that has been underway amongst Liberals and Progressives since they had their asses handed to them on Election night.

Openly admitting they had abandoned the centuries-old promise of Press impartiality in order to help Hillary beat the Donald, the media has been waging a Non-Stop War against Trump while working feverishly to take the GOP down with this goofball that is currently living in the White House. It doesn’t take a fool to see how far the Press is willing to go to cover up its own mistakes by doubling down on its effort to control the national narrative.

It was a far, far better thing that Flake, generally a reliably hard-line conservative, did than he has done before; and he is liberated to do it because he’s going to a far better rest than he’s known in Washington: retirement. Like Corker, Flake is not seeking re-election, and so doesn’t have to worry about the wrath of a party base still in the president’s thrall. Flake caught not-unreasonable criticism for demanding leadership while retreating out the door, but stands like his and Corker’s, however transient, build a permission-structure for other conservatives to air their misgivings about Trump. Every bit helps.

Umm… Nice try US News… Flake has never been a hard line anything, and is retiring because REAL Conservatives are beginning to take over his constituency and those of the other Republican squishes that abandoned their constituents in the name of political pragmatism. Flake, and his stick buddy Corker, represent the Old Guard of Republican moderates and sellouts that have infected Congress since the days of Hastert and Lott. That is the Civil War that’s raging in the GOP today.

Bannon, on the other hand, is far more dangerous… and a much more complicated target… for the media to confront. With his own megaphone and nothing – politically – to lose, this guy is on a mission to make as many people’s lives as miserable as he possibly can. And there was no indication that he intends on taking any prisoners:

Trump’s self-proclaimed “wing man,” Steve Bannon, has joined forces with right-wing billionaire Robert Mercer to identify and support challengers to every Republican senator found insufficiently slavish in his or her loyalty to the president. Bannon’s key goal is to depose Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the ultimate representative of the GOP establishment, who is loathed by Trumpistas.

To borrow a phrase from the late, not-so-great Alabama Gov. George Wallace, “There is not a dime’s worth of difference” between establishment Republicans and the Trump administration on major policy issues. They all want to give tax cuts to rich people and large corporations, kill Obamacare, minimize regulation of the fossil fuels industry, loosen up rules for big-time financiers, sell off public lands to mining companies, give more money to the Pentagon, get tough on immigrants and do whatever they can to stifle abortion, same-sex marriages and efforts to deal with climate change.

Personally, I loathe this president with every fiber of my being. Having said that, however, it is fair to say that I hold each sitting member of Congress that has been entrenched in office for a generation – from either party – in the highest levels of disgust and disdain that I can humanly muster. And as much as the media is trying to downplay the Civil War underway on the left by shining a brighter light on the Civil War underway on the right, those of us that truly care about draining the swamp that IS Washington DC should join me in popping some corn and rooting for injuries.

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Source: Despite Flake and Corker, the GOP Is More Trump’s Than Ever | The Report: Opinion | US News


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