Yet Another Case For Term Limits

John McCain and Susan Collins have come out against the bill that would repeal Obamacare. That may or may not be the right decision for this bill, but it begs the larger question of why they would vote against repealing the very bill they voted against back when Democrats first shoved Obamacare down their throats.

Republican leaders in the Senate can afford to lose only two of their members, and they now have three firm opponents within their ranks: Rand Paul of Kentucky, John McCain of Arizona and Ms. Collins. Additionally, Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, has withheld his support and requested changes to the bill.

We think it may have more to do with flipping off our batshit-crazy president then whether or not they are interested in righting a wrong Congress did to the American people.

From our perspective, one of the greatest problems in Washington… at least on Capitol Hill… is that far too many politicians are allowed to stay there for damn near the rest of their lives once they get their foot in the door. They are able to stick around long enough to make all the wrong friends and all the right enemies and they accumulate enough power along the way to make all the rest of us pay for their penchant for revenge.

McCain makes yet another case for term limits when you consider how long he’s been there (35 years) and his history of mucking things up for the very party he is allegedly there to represent. This time, he blames his good conscience for being unwilling to support his party.

Maybe it’s his good conscience… maybe it is because he is still butthurt
about Trump not apologizing
for dissing his military service…. or maybe it’s just because he can. You know, he’s always liked to call himself the “Maverick”… insisting it means he follows his own mind, and not the minds of his party’s leadership. Maybe he just feels like reminding us that there’s nothing we can do about it.

Either way, we call bullshit.

McConnell’s been there too long (over 30 years). Hell… His useless ass never should have been re-elected let alone put in the leadership position after Reid left (also dental office too long). Graham has been there too long (over 20 years between the house and the Senate), and so has Collins ) over 20 years).

And then there’s Dingell, over in the House weighing in at over 57 years… and who could ever forget America’s sweetheart Nancy Pelosi – 30 years and still going strong with her Botox in tow.

Our President cannot serve more than two terms thanks to the wisdom of a Congress years ago that understood the importance of minimizing their damage while in office and getting them out of there before they die. The same wisdom needs to be applied to the House and Senate… two terms, max, in order to minimize the damage they can do in office as well as getting them out of there before they died. But there’s a third reason, far and above the importance of the first two, that matters most of all:

Politicians should not serve so long in office that they grow completely out of touch with their constituents.

The real world changes a lot faster in two to six years then Congress has ever changed in the last 60.

[Additional image courtesy of Business Insider]

Source: Health Bill Appears Dead as Pivotal G.O.P. Senator Declares Opposition – The New York Times


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