Strategic Patience… The New Capitulation

We are pretty clear, here at the Wilderness Conservative, about being no great fans of Donald Trump. We thought it was folly for Republican mainstreamers to believe that hiring a political amateur to dive into the shark tank that IS Washington DC would somehow result in his becoming a shark whispererer. But they did, and all they have to show for it so far are Trump’s own self-induced wounds which have resulted in nothing more than tasty chum in the liberal media waters.

The bright side for us is the entertainment he gives us whenever he’s left alone in front of a keyboard and logged in to Twitter unsupervised.

Politico’s article about the Trumpster blaming the Clintons for North Korea raised our eyebrows enough to make us take a moment to opine on the merits of The Donald’s claims.

We took a look back and found a pretty fine piece over at Gateway Pundit – from long before Trump was even a blip on the national political radar – that says a lot about the legacy of our handling of international affairs when Democrats are running the show. And although the piece is in an Obama context, the money quote says it all about Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and the foreign policy trainwreck that just moved out of Pennsylvania Avenue – Barack Obama:

“Critics of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy have for years assailed his administration for responding too slowly to crises ranging from Syria to Russia. In a far-reaching blueprint released Friday that outlines the administration’s worldview, the White House insisted the United States is leading the global effort to confront challenges in a deliberate manner described as “strategic patience.”

What the article failed to mention was Obama’s capitulation to Iran visa vie the nuclear deal that has only served to embolden countries like North Korea to pursue their nuclear ambitions.

And why shouldn’t they be emboldened?

It’s easy enough to understand why our Liberal Progressive friends would much prefer to embrace North Korea’s justification for wanting their own nukes… ostensibly because their leader doesn’t want to be toppled the way Bush II toppled Hussein and Gaddafi. It is, after all, easier to blame Bush than it is to do sufficient navel-gazing and recognize that this is all THEIR OWN FAULT.

It is not, however, enough to let them off the hook for their part in how we got where we are today.

For the record… our last three Democrat presidents, overseeing our national security for half of the last 40 years, have steadily – end with rugged determination – chipped away add our military and defense systems to the point we’re almost no one fears or respects us. And while we will happily get on the anti-Bush bandwagon insomuch as we agree that we never had any business pursuing a strategy of nation building on top of piles of centuries-old Middle East rubble, it only takes a casual trip through the nightly news channels to see the terrorists came to understand that picking on softer targets like Europe would yield them far greater advances than trying their luck on American soil.

Unfortunately for the left,Trump has a point, and he actually hasn’t gone far enough in making it.

Let us recall that it was the Jimmah that started the trend of liberal presidents who preferred this so-called “strategic patience” strategy to one of fire and fury. That hot mess was followed by 12 years of Reagan & Bush I who – despite all attempts by Democrats to undermine them – were able to rebuild our military might and presence on the international scene.

Clutching defeat from the jaws of victory the American electorate chose to coronate Bubba slickster and his sidekick the Hildebeast who have never cared about anything but furthering their own narcissistic pursuits (Just ask Chris Stevens’ family). And, remember folks, even as the Bush II era was coming to a close we already knew that Obama – if elected- intended to pick up where Carter left off. For all of this, we only have ourselves to blame for letting it happen.

And for all the left likes to say about Obama’s greatness, and that silly little Nobel Peace Prize he did nothing to earn, never forget that more soldiers and civilians died ENDING Iraq and Afghanistan (as he promised he would do during his campaign) than all of the casualties that occurred while Bush was waging them.

By the way… Obama is gone yet, in both theaters , American military involvement continues. Just sayin’

Now cometh Trump, as uniquely unqualified for the job as he is, and Republican mainstreamers have tasked him with cleaning up the messes of his three Liberal predecessors.

Why is anybody surprised that we are where we are?

[Images Courtesy of Politico & The Gateway Pundit]

Source: Trump blames Clintons for nuclear North Korea – POLITICO


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