The Slippery Slope Of The Hate Debate

There are no words that can ever adequately express how terribly sad and unfortunate… and unnecessary.. it is that Heather Heyer had to die while protesting against something with which she vehemently disagreed.

Equally unfortunate, if not more so, is how her death is being co-opted buy those with an agenda to inflict their own version of radicalism on the American people.

Speech is only as free as where it ranks on the ‘offensive’ list

This whole disaster came about because a group of people held a demonstration in Charlottesville waving their little flags in support of their cause.
To be sure, their cause is not one very many of us support because we understand that it is offensive and a personal affront to our basic sensibilities; the vast majority of Americans are not white supremacists.

Nor are very many of us Neo-Nazis.

Most of us went about our normal living that day, wholly indifferent and completely uninterested in their silly little march. We did so because it has been deeply ingrained in us, now, that everyone has a right to their free speech… but that doesn’t give them the power to be heard.

At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

The problem in the Charlottesville case, and all across the country in its wake, is that the people that showed up to protest the Klan/Neo-Nazi demonstration did so because they had – for whatever reason – decided that their free speech had somehow become more free than those with whom they disagreed. And while the nation mourns Ms. Heyer’s death and – some at least – are making her out to be a martyr for a noble cause, everyone’s attention is being turned away from the bitter lesson no one on the left wants to learn:

You can’t be a freedom fighter against hate by using hate as your primary weapon.

In the video below, Hayer’s mother says this @ approximately 1:15:

I can’t be angry because angry will make me hate and hate only leads to more hate.

Yet, starting @ approx. 1:40, the report says that the anti-hate protesters shouted down – and physically assaulted – one of the “Unite the Right” organizers. And… @ approx. 2:06 … you very clearly hear one of those very same anti-hate protesters yelling “we hate you” at the guy, even after they’ve already beaten him.

Speaking of fascism…

I don’t have a history degree but I’m pretty sure that a great many parallels could be drawn between the tactics being used by Liberal activists today and those that have been used, historically, by the very same sorts of people they are hating on and railing against now. And while I share a great many of their disagreements with the current president… and disdain for the state of dysfunction in the government over which he presides, it’s incredibly disingenuous of them to bemoan the actions of others while actively seeking to commit many of those same acts themselves.

Let’s be clear – it is unacceptable in a Democratic Society to assault people with whom you disagree.Likewise, it is unacceptable in a Democratic Society to pick and choose which pieces of history to keep, and which ones put in a pile and set on fire…. or topple over and load up onto a flatbed truck in the middle of the night… never to be seen again.

Some people might find our history distasteful, divisive, unpleasant, inconvenient, or maybe just inconsistent with their ‘social reconstruction’ agenda.

That’s just too damn bad.
History is history, no matter how dark or regrettable, and we will never learn from it if we insist on pretending it never happened.

Ask yourselves this: In the right circles, wouldn’t the actions of the anti-hate protesters be considered – themselves – hate speech? Are we at that point where everything that enough of us dislike hearing could become hate speech?

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