The Deliciously Self-Unaware Liberal Media

I couldn’t help but laugh this morning when I came by this article from The Washington Post, AKA “The Rooting For Republican Injury Rag”, that gave up all pretense of journalistic neutrality back in the days of the president they love to conflate with the current one.

Let me just say at the outset – as an offer of a little red meat to my Democrat friends – that I can’t stand Donald Trump as a president and believed back in the primary season that his candidacy for that job was, at the least, a really terribly unwise and incredibly misinformed idea on more levels then I feel like delving into anymore. Aside from the fact that he’s batshit crazy, and completely understanding of the rationale of some who said at least he wasn’t Hillary, I knew from the get-go that the timing of this “experiment-in-futility” presidency – on the heels of a failed eight-year stint with his predecessor (itself an experiment in futility) – that we were going to get dragged even deeper down into the rabbit hole of our alleged “democracy”.

But… as my grandkids like to say… Whatever.

So it was, when I read this drivel, that I was reminded of an old quote that goes something like this:

“I used to be disgusted… Now I’m just amused”

Channeling his inner-Richard Nixon, who kept an enemies list of his own, candidate Trump often claimed to speak for “a silent majority.” After failing to win the popular vote, President Trump has instead governed on behalf of an increasingly vocal but diminishing minority.

The media machine made its sharp left turn during the Nixon era when it discovered that there was more money to be made by blowing shit up and ruining people’s lives than by building a more intelligent and better – informed media-consuming public. Never forget that, and never forget that the people running today’s media outlets are the very same people agitating and fomenting for cultural disruption,anarchy, and the collapse of nearly all systems of governance.

It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that – as I always like to say- Democrats have mastered the art of having it both ways. Keep that in mind as you ask yourself this question:

If the electoral map was a sea of blue with a few red dots, and the current president gave pro-liberal themed speeches, would he be applauded for throwing Olive branches at his detractors or would he be derided as a disingenuous political opportunist?

Before you answer, just remember how their first black president dealt with the sea of red States over which he presided.

He didn’t.

[Images courtesy of  SelfAwakened & WaPo ]

Source: The Daily 202: Trump acts like the president of the Red States of America – The Washington Post


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