Black Lives Do Matter, And #AllLivesMatter, Too

It is impossible to avoid comparing and contrasting Easley’s words with those of Colin Kaepernick’s; where the former intends to face the problems that run rampant in the black community and build bridges for people to work together to find meaningful solutions, the latter only offers to sit on the sidelines in silent protest until someone else does the work of solving these problems for him.

In the starkest of contrasts between youth and wisdom, Mr. Easley precisely describes the problem AND clearly articulates precise solutions:

“Please allow me this opportunity and this moment for a very serious message for which I feel very strongly about. Black lives do matter, and all lives matter, too.”
[snip] “But the carnage affecting young black men today from random violence to police shootings across this nation has to stop. We’ve got to stand up as a country, as black Americans and fight the good fight to protect our youth and our American constitutional right not to die while driving or walking the streets black in America. It has to stop, and we can do it, and the lessons we learn in sports can help.”

In as much as the #blacklivesmatter movement has drawn attention to – as Easley calls – it – “the carnage affecting young black men today” – the levels of violence against and between ALL people is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. And it won’t be stopped by black leaders or law enforcement leaders alone.

There are no easy solutions, to be sure, but there will be no solutions at all if the search for them is conducted in only one of the many races that have to coexist in this country. Nor will it be found in any of our countless bureaucracies.

[Images courtesy of MyBlackMatters & USA Today]

Source: Kenny Easley’s Hall of Fame speech: ‘Black lives do matter, and all lives matter, too’ | For The Win


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