Channeling Clinton, Warren Reveals The Future Woman And She’s A Bitch

Poor poor irrelevant Hillary Clinton recently released a video saying that “the future is female”, and encouraged women and girls to “step up and speak out…dare greatly and lead boldly” and to be “the glass ceiling breakers of the future.”

As if right on cue, Elizabeth Warren stepped up to the plate and took a swing.

The problem is that she whiffed.

Quick to feign outrage at Warren’s rebuke, Liberals in general, and women in particular, are on fire over news that poor little Ms. Elizabeth Warren was so meanly treated, terribly disrespected, and discriminated against because she has a vagina.
It’s especially entertaining’ I might add, to watch the kerfuffle unfold on social media given the complete falsehood that is being sold as truth by liberals looking for any opportunity to create a victim they can prop up on their shoulders as a symbol of their plight.

Note: This non-story is a complete mis-ripresentation of the facts, but never let that get in the way of perpetuating the victim class meme.

The Media want you to believe that Warren was innocently addressing the Senate using the 30-year old words of Coretta King to excoriate a sitting senator. The Media wants you to believe that male senators read the same words to the same audience without being punished by senate leadership. And… The Media wants you to believe that Warren was punished because she is a woman and the GOP hates women. But what is missing from the Media… The inconveniently true parts… is that Warren new the rules, chose to ignore them, was given ample Warning by Senate leadership to stop breaking the rules, and continued speaking anyway because – like all liberals – she is of the opinion she can break any rules she considers herself to be above if she thinks it will serve a higher purpose. In Elizabeth Warren’s world, her higher purpose is a run for president in 2020 and an ambition to pick up and carry the lead torch in the bitch wars that Hillary Clinton failed to win.

Warren’s male counterparts avoided reading pieces of King’s words that they knew would get them in trouble. Warren decided to dare leadership to stop her. They did. Now she’s crying foul, and blaming it on anatomical differences between herself and the people she gave the finger to when she chose to keep running her mouth in defiance… only in the mind of a liberal does that even make sense.

I have a piece of advice for the ladies marching toward the battlefields of the bitch wars; leave your vagina’s at home. The fight for justice and equality will never be won by making one group more equal at the expense of another. It will only be won by recognizing the equality of everyone at the expense of no one.

[Images via National Review & Boston Globe]


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