A Pathetic End To A Failed Presidency


From the New York Times comes the news that our smack-talking President who, for 8 years, has failed America in every major foreign policy crisis he has had to confront, is now really mad at Russia and he means to do something about it. Of course, he won’t say just what he intends to do but it really doesn’t matter; his pie-eyed crooners are appeased and the rest of us know he won’t do a damn thing about it.

It is truly embarrassing to watch this latest international affairs train wreck unfold in excruciatingly slow motion:

“We need to take action,” the president said. “And we will — at the time and place of our choosing.”

It’s important to remember that Obama was mad at Putin back in October over the DNC hack and he promised back then that he intended to consider a ‘Proportional’ Response. But the election came and went with no response at all. One would think that, if he was so concerned about Russia’s ability to meddle in American elections, he would have absolutely intervened on the Ice Princess’ behalf to make sure she didn’t lose to Trump… because that’s what Liberals do… but lose she did.

Let’s be clear about this:

If she lost because of Russia hacking our system then she lost because her President failed to protect her from the evil acts of foreign bad guys. If you don’t see the rich and delicious irony of that reality, then you haven’t been paying attention for the last 8 years.

[hand raised] Is it possible that our narcissist-in-Chief actually wanted her to lose so that he could continue to monopolize the air time of the Liberal media – up until his very last day – as he makes a mockery of our centuries-old traditions of peaceful and professional transfers of civil power?

Don’t mind me… I’m just thinking out loud.

A couple of things we should never forget about the departing President:

Obama lost Iraq and Afghanistan because he was never fit for the job of commander-in-chief, and any Liberal that continues to blame that on George W. Bush, because he got us there in the first place, is a damned fool and poor student of History; plenty of presidents have had to clean up the messes of their predecessors but every one of them believed in America’s might and took seriously the words of their oaths of office. And it is Obama that lost Egypt, Syria, Iran, Libya, and Israel & Palestine… and nobody else.

After 8 years, all this president has to show for our troubles is Obamacare – which is going away in pieces soon enough – and a complete collapse of the relations between the races, the genders, and the cultures of the American people. But hey… he’s really upped his frequent flyer miles and his golf game so it’s not a total loss.

[Images courtesy of Business Insider & Cats & Dogs for McCain & Palin Too]


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