Are Unarmed Liberals Seriously Trying To Incite A Civil War?


Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, I came across a post that showed a picture of the protests in South Korea that led to the impeachment of their leader. The comment that went along with the image said this:

This is what protests looked like in South Korea. Click on them. They shut it down. MILLIONS joined in. Forced the impeachment of their President this week.

Trump deserves protests like this. I refuse to call him President. He’s a scoundrel through and through.

I had a good chuckle because it reminded me of how badly millions of Republicans took it when Obama was elected… and I chalked it up to them just taking their turn at whining about an election that they wished had turned out differently.

I could have moved on, and this post would never have been written, except for the comments in that thread about what my poor despondent little butt-hurt Liberal friends thought they ought to do about the situation. And… as if right on cue… it was when the group-think spiraled downward into the abyss of demanding that Trump never be allowed to take office, and that their only hope was in ravaging and terrorizing the Electoral College that it occurred to me just how stupid and naive and self-destructive these Liberals really are. [see the Google search results for “liberals want to block electoral college“]

I’m getting sick and tired of listening to people – almost always Liberal – complain about the Electoral College; without it, there would be no reason for national elections to even take place because – in the most populous states of America – Liberals embarrassingly outnumber Republicans and their voices would simply drown everyone else’s out.

The whole idea behind its design was to make sure that the will of each state in the Union was equally represented in Washington so as to guarantee that states such as New York and California wouldn’t be able to tell states like Rhode Island and Wyoming how to live their lives and tend to the needs of their residents.

Look… I get it… Liberals hate Trump and believe the world is coming to an end because he was elected president. They think he’s going to destroy the planet, deport Hispanics, and has no respect for women. And even though the logic behind them being okay with putting the wife of one of the most sexist and misogynistic men to have ever held public office BACK in the White House (where he will surely try to pick up where he left off) escapes me, I DO feel their pain.

I’ve never been a fan of him myself but the time has long passed for stopping the train of democracy; each of the some several States held their primaries and the people spoke. Any attempt by sore losers to presume to know better what the people want than the people themselves will be met by a revolt on a scale the likes of which our poor unarmed Liberal friends could never have expected or imagined. Cooler heads on the left need to remind the faithful that the proper response to their defeat is to do a better job of finding the right candidate in 2020 to undo the mess they helped create in 2016.


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