Trump’s Greatest Contribution Won’t Come From Policy


The greatest contribution that Trump’s victory will bring to the effort that lies ahead to make America a better country will absolutely not come from any policy he might put before the American people. Wherever you sit on the matter of Trump’s ascendancy to the throne of Western democracy capitalism, the impact his election has had (will have) on the monopoly Liberalism’s yellow journalism has enjoyed for a generation in the mainstream media cannot be overstated. And one need look no further than how badly the Liberal media propaganda machine is taking the news of their failure to successfully influence the 2016 election to their benefit.

Not well:

Donald Trump has attacked reporters at the New York Times and traditional media outlets and refuses to follow the Washington playbook.The relationship between the mainstream media and Trump is tense – and may soon get even worse.President-elect Trump said on Tuesday that whenever Arthur Sulzberger Jr, the publisher of the New York Times, thinks he’s wrong about something, he should give Trump a call.Trump made his suggestion during a meeting at the Times that he’d arranged, then cancelled, and then put back on the calendar.Trump’s offer revealed his managerial style: he likes to make deals – and seems eager to please.Besides that, the exchange captured one of the fundamental truths about the relationship between the president-elect and the journalists who’ve traditionally covered the White House, reporters for organisations such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN.

Republicans, as far back as I can remember, have long-lamented the subtle bias that was always there… just beneath the surface… in every major news story since Watergate. There was nothing that could be done back in those days, however, except to try and filter through the partisan noise because the only sources of information were coming from media outlets that fancied themselves the not-so-loyal opposition whose self-proclaimed mission was to speak truth to power.

And… in case you haven’t drawn the parallel on your own by now… it’s important that we all recognize just how many members of the 60’s Liberal media machine now own, or have amassed great personal financial wealth from investing in, today’s Liberal intelligentsia.

What’s different now, though, with the emergence of Trump into the crosshairs of the Liberal media attack machine, is that they have finally been forced to go public with their admission of guilt for using their monopoly to influence a presidential election and force a political agenda on the entire population of the United States.

They got caught… Trump has called them out on it… and the war is just getting started.

[Entry originates @ Joe for America] [Images courtesy of BBC & American History USA]


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