Drinking The  Tears Of The #nevertrump-ers


You should consider this entry as the starting point… my shot across the bow if you will… of my war against anyone and everyone that insists on using the words “republican” and “conservative” interchangeably as if they mean the same thing. Because they do not. For me, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard every time I hear people do it. For example:

The dream of the conservative “Never Trump” movement was that the probabilistic forecasters were right, and we wouldn’t have to deal with Trump or his campaign loyalists ever again after Nov. 8. That dream is dead.

This is the sort of drivel you would expect to hear from the navel-gazing #nevertrump republican mainstreamers that chose to sell out real conservatives because it meant more to them to sound like the smartest kids in the room than it did to keep real conservatives from having to confront and survive four more years of progressive liberal policy.

And look where it got them. They can’t find work in the Trump world (and why should they?) and are starting to sound a lot like the liberal media they’ve been railing against for years as they suggest they are hopeful that Trump will turn out to be the guy they want him to be rather than the guy they fought against. There they go trying to have it both ways like their liberal stick buddies.

Good luck with that kidz.

And one need look no further than this piece of the quote for proof:

and we wouldn’t have to deal with Trump or his campaign loyalists ever again after Nov. 8.

So much for “the big tent”, eh fellas?

You know, in my past life I used to be associated with an outfit whose mantra was: “conservative in the primary, republican in the general” and yet they – like countless others just like them – completely jumped the shark on this whole Trump thing… even as they continue to fancy themselves conservatives. It vexes me.

It’s pretty clear to me, sitting up here in the cheap seats, that mainstreamers don’t give a rat’s patootie about conservatives within their party beyond getting them to vote for whoever they decide is best for us. It clearly didn’t work out well this year any better then when they tried to shove Mitt Romney and John McCain down our throats, now did it?

If the mainstreamers are serious about figuring out where they went wrong, and what they can do to make things right by 2020, all they need to do is look back at what they did to the Tea Party crowd… how they accepted their votes while mocking them and looking down their noses at them with impunity and disdain … It might hit a couple of those geniuses running the show within the party right between the eyes just hard enough to recognize just how much blame lies at their own feet for
who’s getting ready to move into the White House.
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