The Most Powerful Bullet In The World Isn’t Found In A Gun


While it may be true that the world is filled with incredibly large and powerful guns and weaponry and ammunition, it is undeniable that the most powerful bullet in the world is not found in a gun; far greater injury and widespread collateral damage has been done to Modern civilization and its peoples in the privacy of a voting booth than has ever been wrought on a Battlefield.

It should matter to every voter who it is that gets elected – at every level – because once the election is over and the candidates are sworn in, there is no defense against the damage they can cause or the havoc they can wreak beyond waiting for their terms to end and un – electing them. But, of course, the damage has long been done by then.

We can do better, and we should… and here’s my challenge to each of you in order to help you try:

Dear American Voters…I offer you this challenge:
Some of you on my list are Republicans and some of you on my list are Democrats. Every day that I go through my feed, I see posts from many of you that make it clear you already know who you will be voting for in November… And comments from each of your friends are, by and large, in ful- throated agreement with you. Now, I mean no offense here but there’s a term for this – it’s called talking into an echo chamber. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but in the world of politics and punditry, very little progress toward change has ever been made in this way.
Before election night I challenge each of you to turn off your computers and your electronical gadgets, shut down your televisions and your streaming media devices, and take a trip to your local coffee shop or Diner or eat in restaurant so you can hear what total strangers think, why they think it, and what they mean to do about it themselves [note: it’s cheating if you go where the place is filled with friends & like-minded individuals]. I have no expectation that any of you will change your minds here either way… What I hope you learn from your experience is that there are real people out there – beyond your friends list or your favorite news Outlet which cherry picks the stories they decide you need to care about – and their opinions matter too… especially if they are in contrast to your own; they are your fellow Americans with whom you have to get along no matter who moves into Pennsylvania Avenue next.
I do this on an almost daily basis, and the greatest education I have received in my travels amongst my fellow Riff Raff on this spinning little blue ball in the cosmos is this: When you put yourself in a situation where you have to keep your mouth shut and your ears open you will – whether you wanted to or not- come to understand that your opinion is of no greater value or importance than anyone else’s and that you have to act accordingly.
Go give it a try… You will find it to be a cathartic experience and it may, perhaps, make you think longer and work harder next time to make sure that only the best of what America has to offer will ever be allowed to run it.


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