In Favor Of The “Merely Average”


[h/t Inc.] It has become increasingly clear in recent years that the American education system is struggling to find more effective ways to improve the quality of its product. It’s most recent initiative – Common Core – has had, at best, mixed reviews… and, at worst, been called a complete disaster.

Whatever one’s opinion might be on the overall health of the American education system, everyone agrees that there is a great deal of room for improvement.

As the debate trundles along looking for new and ever-more creative ways to improve the national average test scores, what often gets lost in the background noise are the cries of anguish from the ultimate end – users: Employers.
Citing a 45 year long running study, the Inc. article suggest that our next generation of wildly successful people such as Mark Zuckerberg, or Bill Gates, or even Lady Gaga for example, might not be able to realize its full potential because it won’t be able to dig itself out from underneath the weight of the merely average.

Besides the kids themselves, of course, it will be future employers and their workplaces that will be deprived of the opportunity to create and invent and innovate because the American education system deferred to mediocrity.

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