The Obama Race Legacy


From The Federalist comes an article that suggests the election of Donald Trump has effectively killed the fragile peace between the races. While I think there are valuable points being made in this piece, I believe there’s a fundamental flaw in the logic it is based on.
Having grown up during the Civil Rights movement I know – first hand – that passage of the Civil Rights Act was in no way the reason behind why that uneasy peace, or detente as the author calls it, began to take shape. It wasn’t until decades after Martin Luther King’s assassination that our modern culture began to take shape… and it wasn’t because of those leaders in the sixties. And it absolutely wasn’t because of the election of President Obama.

It was because of the children of those leaders who began growing up and integrating themselves with each other, of their own accord… in ways no one could ever have imagined back then.. that the racial detente began to take form.

And, however unfair Liberals will say I am being when I say this, or call me a racist for getting a little too close to the truth here, it was the election of our first black President that is really to blame for breaking that racial detente.

The clearest example is the Judge Gonzalo Curiel drama. By the rules of the détente, saying a judge cannot fulfill his duties because of his race or nationality counted as a firing offense. Indeed leaders on both the Left and Right assumed Trump could not overcome it.

But not only did many white voters break the rule of disqualifying a person based on a racist statement, they broke the second rule too. They began to ask why Trump couldn’t say a Mexican judge might be unfair, when we hear all the time about the danger of all white juries and white police officers. The white acceptance of legitimate racial double standards had dissipated, and without it the détente could not stand
[snip] The unfortunate place where we now find ourselves is one in which blatant attacks on white people, often from white people, are driving them further into a tribal cocoon. Samantha Bee’s awful and irresponsible berating of white women as the evil force behind Trump’s victory, while condescendingly describing magical people of color as the only ones who can save us, is a clear example of where white defensiveness and victimization are coming from.

Furthermore, the ever-present drumbeat from the Left that every conservative victory is the death throes of bad, old white people who are about to be swept away by waves of brown immigration is making many whites dig in. On a certain level, how can you blame them? They are explicitly being told that their values and way of life are under the sword. How do we expect them to react?

From the beginning of his first term President Obama set a course for this country that accomplished nothing more than highlighting our differences rather than celebrating how much we have in common.

From allowing the New Black Panthers to violate white civil rights under the auspices of defending black civil rights, to using the death of Trayvon Martin as an opportunity to perpetuate the meme that blacks are targets of violence by whites (while ignoring the race of Martin’s killer, to embracing #blacklivesmatters as a positive agent of change and social justice, this president’s legacy should be judged on the basis of how much worse race relations in this country are since he took office. But it won’t be because – in this day and age – that would make us racist.

Where the article author and I wholeheartedly agree, though, is on the matter of whites digging in their heels and not putting up with the racial bait and switch anymore. Whether Trump has the moxie to move our culture beyond the detente Obama broke and move us forward to just being a country of multi-colored and multi-cultural and multi-gendered AMERICANS is a whole ‘nother question we are a long way away from finding out the answer to.

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