The Entitled Smugness Of An Exiting President


Via Perez Hilton (I know, I know) we have a story about exiting President Obama… the same guy who promised to work with incoming President Trump to facilitate a smooth transition of power… making it pretty clear that he has no respect for Trump and little regard for hundreds of years of tradition in America’s process for the peaceful transfer of civilian power.

I have never liked Obama and I’m happy to see him go but, having said that, I think his inability – even in his final days – to show respect to anything or anyone other than himself is shameful and pathetic:

As you probably remember, Obama has thrown some shad Trump’s way recently by declaring the oversized toddler clown was “unfit to be commander-in-chief” and even said he doesn’t “have what it takes” to be president! Well after the 55-year-old came out of the awkward meeting with Mr. Trump on Thursday, his public message was that of hope, but don’t let that fool you!
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest responded to questions about the sit down and gave some TRUE insight into the Prez’s thoughts on Donald:

“Look, the president’s views haven’t changed. He stands by what he said on the campaign trail. He had an opportunity to make his argument. He made that argument vigorously. He made that argument in states all across the country.”

I “get” the need for Liberals like Hilton and the rest of the Entitled Elite Media machine out here in the hinterland need some time to be whiny little bitches about how this election turned out… hell, the GOP never stopped soiling itself after Obama’s first win… but the president of the United States is supposed to – in public at least – put his man panties on and do the necessary parts of his job all the way up until his job is done.. and keep his personal opinions to himself..

[Images courtesy of Perez Hilton & Washington Times]


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