Robin Williams’ Widow Penned An Essay To Neurologists

[h/t Feedly via Rolling Stone] Rolling Stone magazine has an article telling us that Robin Williams’ widow penned an essay to Neurologists that details her late husband’s experience with the brain disease that led to him taking his own life.

In the essay, Susan Schneider referred to it as the “terrorist inside my husband’s brain”.

It’s a stunning metaphor and one that immediately brings you to a full upright position as you click through and read her gut-wrenching words that describe the last horrible months of a brilliant man’s life.

I can’t even begin to imagine what those last months must have been like for Robin Williams, for his wife, or for any of those that surrounded them. What I do know, however, is that only reading through her essay can any of us even begin to appreciate how terrible it must have been for them how impossible it will always be for them to move forward.

Here’s an excerpt from her essay:

“I am writing to share a story with you, specifically for you. My hope is that it will help you understand your patients along with their spouses and caregivers a little more. And as for the research you do, perhaps this will add a few more faces behind the why you do what you do. I am sure there are already so many.”

“Robin Williams’ widow Susan Schneider Williams has penned a poignant essay recounting the comedian’s final months prior to his August 2014 suicide.”

If ever there was a” must read” article out there on the interwebs, surely this is it.
Source: Robin Williams’ Widow Pens Essay Detailing His Dementia – Rolling Stone


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