The Defeat Of Alzheimer’s Is Nigh

[h/t Mercola] Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that afflicts millions of people every year. It is a slow killer that forces its victims, and their love ones and caregivers, to endure the progressive loss of mental capacity that leaves them, at the end, mentally alone, helpless, and often completely unaware of who they were or the things they accomplished during their lifetimes.

As a caregiver to an elderly parent for the last four years of her life I can attest to its cruelty.

Even as this article from The Independent tries hard to contain it’s enthusiasm, it’s quite clear that researchers are onto something with the results of this latest study. It may be too soon to pop open the Dom Perignon but it would seem like the time might be nigh to start shopping for it at a reduced rate by the case.

[Images courtesy of Mercola & The Independent & The Odyssey Online]


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