A Canoe Trip To The Allagash


[h/t National Geographic] Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to take a canoe trip to the Allagash with my brother and two other guys for a 5-day adventure. It was the epitome of roughing it; no electricity no running water, and absolutely no flush toilets.

My brother has spent a lot of time in the Allagash over the years, and gushed over how wonderful it is so many times that I just had to go see what all the fuss was about.

At our moderately Advanced ages, you could say it was as much a bucket list item as it was an adventure into the Wilderness – I just had to see it for myself. I can assure you that it was far more than any of the stories heard over the years… In fact, it was more like a spiritual awakening.

After a four-hour drive car and a two-hour paddle to our location, we settled in for what would become the best camping trip any of us had ever been on. The Flora and Fauna were spectacular, and we got to see a number of different bird species including a few hawks, a bald eagle and her chick, and the northern Maine staple… Canadian geese. Sadly, the only thing we didn’t see was a moose which surprised all of us.

It is not a trip for the faint at heart but if you can pull it off I can assure you it’s an experience that will forever change your life.

The National Geographic article does a very good job of capturing the area… You need to go there yourself, though, in order to truly understand the experience.

“See trip details for canoeing the Allagash River in Maine, one of 50 best American adventure trips from National Geographic.”

Read the full story HERE:

Source: Canoe the Allagash, Maine, Best American Adventures — National Geographic

[Images courtesy National Geographic & Canoeing The Wild]


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