Mindful Walking: An Early Spring Metaphor For Life

Mindful walking. Completed and signed by Prabhakara. Singapore artist.It was six days ago that I posted the entry “Taking A Mindfulist Hike” and I am happy to report that I am making good progress in my efforts to hone my focus and concentration skills as I continue working on my Mindful walking.

As with anything in life, practice matters and the more it’s done the better the progress toward the goals we set for ourselves… whatever those goals might be.

As these last few days have unfolded I have gotten better at recognizing, more quickly, when I have “left the here and now” and wandered off to the “somewhere else”. As my ongoing reading suggests, this is to be expected and knowing that relieves me of the duties of having to scold myself overmuch for it. I am not sure if there are any famous quotes out there that I could use to say it any more simply than this:

Learning self-discipline absolutely does not automatically mean that it must include an abundance of self-recrimination.

When I step off the path I simply pause until the rest of me catches up… and then I continue on my way being wholly back in the moment.

During a pause in yesterday’s walk (and today’s as well), while looking ahead toward the path in front of me, I could see that there was a snowy patch and an icy patch and a clear patch up ahead and it occurred to me in that moment that this was very much a metaphor for life.

Hear me out before you decide if you think I’m crazy.

In the journey of life-no matter whose it is-it is inevitable that, along the way, there will be hazards and dangers and risks interspersed with clear patches and trouble-free stretches of road. And… like my early spring walks these last couple of days… if we are deliberate in our gait, mindful in our interactions with those we share part of the path along the way, and wholly in each of the moments of each of the days (or strive to be), then surely at journey’s end we will be able to step off the path content that we were able to leave this life having made this place a little better for our having been here for a time.

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